About us


In 2008 ScienceMatters was created to help students develop a love for Science. Eleven years later, that dream is still the same! During this time ScienceMatters has served our community by making Science and Mathematics accessible, understandable and enjoyable.

ScienceMatters promotes hands-on learning, to help students turn abstract information into concrete principles.

“Tell me and I forget.
Teach me, and I remember.
Involve me, and I learn”
– Benjamin Franklin

Our vision

Our goal is to give each child the ability to understand any information given to them, by teaching them about the building blocks of the universe through chemistry, to give them a means to measure everything they see through the lens of physics and a way to express their findings using mathematics.

We have groups for students of all ages with courses specially designed to help kindle their love for science, as well as to prepare them for further secondary or tertiary studies.

“Education is not the learning of facts,
but the training of the mind to think.”
– Albert Einstein

Our Staff

Years of lab experience, tertiary qualifications and a visible passion for science and mathematics make our staff the perfect educational team. Working hard to give your child a taste of the wonders of Science, while building up their academic confidence and ability.

We work hard to further train our tutors, lab assistants and practical lecturers to be able to educate and excite our students.

We hold to a high standard of teaching, to give everyone the same level of assistance, and the best possible chance of excelling academically.