Dr Casper Steenkamp

Dr Casper Steenkamp has a PhD in Physical Chemistry and was a Post-Doctoral fellow at the North West University.

He specialized in Physical Chemistry, an area of Chemistry which demands a sound understanding of chemistry, physics, mathematics and statistics. He has extensive experience in a multidisciplinary Research & Development environment and some of his work was published in internationally acclaimed subject journals. He was active as a student assistant during most of his studies and taught Practical Chemistry to first-year science, pharmacy and engineering students. Any prospective science/mathematics/engineering student can benefit from his more than 20 years of experience as a Scientist and active Promoter of Science & Mathematics Education.

  • B.Sc (Chemistry, Computer Science & Mathematics)
  • Hons. B.Sc. (Chemistry)
  • M.Sc (Chemistry, cum laude)
  • Ph.D (Physical Chemistry) (Supercritical Fluids)
  • Head student assistant : Chemistry Practical
  • Chemistry I Practical Lecturer
  • Senior R&D Scientist (Homogeneous Catalysis, Organic Synthesis, High Pressure Spectroscopy) at a large Petrochemical Company
  • Post-doctoral Fellow
  • ScienceMatters Principal Tutor since 2008

Herna Boshoff

Herna Boshoff joined ScienceMatters in 2017 and has been a valuable member ever since.

  • B.Sc from the University of Pretoria (Mathematics and Genetics)
  • Chemistry 2, Physics and Animal Studies 1
  • Completed and received a diploma in Higher education in 1984
  • Taught mathematics (Gr 8-12) at Brits and Ermelo High schools

Elvera Saayman

  • B.Eng (Chemical Engineering, Cum Laude) at the University of Pretoria
  • Chemistry III, Physics II, Mathematics III
  • More than 15 years of experience in Industry, specializing in Petrochemical, Metallurgical and Water Treatment services
  • Tutoring Mathematics and Physical Science for AS Level and Highschool students since 2019